Kimono Thin Box
Kimono Thin Box
Kimono Thin Box

Kimono Thin Box

Kimono Thin Box

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Kimono Thin features a slight indent immediately below the head of the condom which helps it conform to your natural shape and secures the condom in place. Designed to feel natural, condom users that prefer a tighter, snug, smaller condom often select Kimono Thin's design. Some men tell us, Kimono Thin's tighter condom shape helps maintain a more powerful erection by squeezing blood into the head of the penis and reducing the out-flow of blood from the penis; a concept that is similar to that of a C-Ring. Kimono Thin's glove-like fit is intended to make you feel pleasure and forget you are wearing a condom.

  • A tighter fitting condom that stays on like a glove
  • Thinner than standard condoms
  • Made with premium natural latex
  • Paraben and glycerin free
  • Low latex condom odor
  • Vegan friendly condom, no milk/animal proteins
  • Kimono condoms exceed US & International Standards for strength and reliability
  • Maximum transparency, sensitivity and sensation
  • Exceeds all international strength and reliability standards
  • Lubricated
  • Nominal Width 2.05", or 52mm

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