Spartacus 20.5 Inch Leather Riding Crop

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If you're looking to exert a little (consensual!) control in the boudoir, you can stop looking! There will be no doubt at all  about who's boss when you come in wielding the 20.5" Leather Riding Crop from Spartacus. Featuring a classic split slapper tip and sturdy detailing, this sleek playtime piece is ready to bring down some sexy wrath exactly as you see fit.

Lightweight and extra maneuverable, the 20.5" Leather Riding Crop fits easily in your or your partner's hand, letting you, or them, swing and swish it with sexy abandon. Use the flexible tip to deliver gentle taps or more punishing slaps - either way, a sturdy handle makes for perfect control at all times.

Your 20.5" Leather Riding Crop should be spot cleaned as needed.

* The Riding Crop is approximately 20.5"/52cm in total length and about 1.5"/3.8cm at widest