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Femme Flexor
Femme Flexor
Femme Flexor
Femme Flexor
Femme Flexor
Femme Flexor
Femme Flexor
Femme Flexor
Femme Flexor

Femme Flexor

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The Femme Flexor is a pelvic floor strengthening tool made with 100% body-safe silicone. When inserted into the vaginal canal, it adds resistance when performing pelvic floor strengthening exercises. Muscles get stronger over time by performing such exercises regularly. 

The solid sides provide more resistance, whereas the aperture side provides less.

The tool is fully inserted making it easy to move freely.

The Femme Flexor comes with all-natural water-based lubricant for ease of insertion. Store your Femme Flexor in our eco-friendly cotton bag. 

Have questions? Read FAQ below.

Pelvic floor exercises are not for everyone. We recommend you consult with your doctor or pelvic health physiotherapist before beginning a pelvic floor training program.

Why Should I Use The Femme Flexor over other pelvic floor trainers?

The Femme Flexor was imagined and designed by women with the intention of creating real difference. Our mission has always been to allow space for important conversations and to remove elements of shame often associated with our own bodies. Losing pelvic floor strength should not be a topic to be feared or to feel alone in. We see the Femme Flexor as a tool of empowerment, giving our bodies the opportunity to be strong and feel in control.

Our team at Femme Flexor believe in aligning with our own community, and have gone to great lengths to collaborate with Canadian manufacturers and producers to bring the Femme Flexor vision to life. We feel great about teaming up with our neighbors to ensure the best quality product makes it to your front door.

While the Femme Flexor has a great story, it also aims to tell an even better one for the many people out there trying to strengthen their pelvic floors. The unique design of the Femme Flexor aims at targetting multiple layers of tissue simultaneously, making it stand apart from other pelvic floor trainers. The near-weightlessness of the Femme Flexor is an advantage as regular kegel balls are typically weighted, making them sit lower in the vaginal canal and abandoning the higher layers of muscle within the vagina. Furthermore, using nothing more than your body’s own strength against the resistance of the Femme Flexor during training, allows you to feel more of a connection to your body.

Is the Femme Flexor safe to use?

The Femme Flexor is perfectly safe to use for all except for those suffering from acute or chronic vaginal pain. Anyone experiencing pain should seek professional medical advice. If you are pregnant and your healthcare professional advises you against intercourse during any term of your pregnancy, do not use the Femme Flexor.

Can the Femme Flexor get stuck or disappear inside of me?

Although it may be unnerving to use your Femme Flexor at first, you’ll quickly see how easily our trainer can be inserted and removed. With the vagina being somewhat of an isolated cocoon from other parts of the body, the Femme Flexor simply cannot get lost or stuck inside of you.

When ready to remove the Femme Flexor, you can easily feel the aperture (hole) on the side of the Femme Flexor, where you can simply loop your finger into, in order to pull the Femme Flexor out. Due to the Femme Flexors elasticity, removal is incredibly easy. It’s that simple!

What kind of lubricant should I use to help with inserting the Femme Flexor?

Only waterbased lubricant should be used with the Femme Flexor. As the Femme Flexor is made with silicone, it is sensitive to silicone lubricant or oil. Anything other than water based lubricant will breakdown the Femme Flexor.

Where is the Femme Flexor manufactured?

The Femme Flexor is manufactured in Alberta, Canada.

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Femme Flexor
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