Womanizer Premium Eco

Womanizer Premium Eco
Womanizer Premium Eco
Womanizer Premium Eco
Womanizer Premium Eco
Womanizer Premium Eco
Womanizer Premium Eco
Womanizer Premium Eco

Womanizer Premium Eco

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Loving our planet can be orgasmic

PREMIUM eco is the greenest Pleasure Air toy ever created. Made from innovative biodegradable Biolene and being fully recyclable, PREMIUM eco is a pleasure for both you and the environment.

The innovative Pleasure Air Technology stimulates your clitoris without even touching it. Gentle sucking sensations guide you to a new kind of orgasm, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced - and now in an environmentally conscious way. Do it for yourself and the environment.

PREMIUM eco is made from innovative Biolene — a unique bio-based material from Womanizer that is in addition biodegradable. It’s an excellent eco-friendly alternative to ABS plastic. Should you decide to part ways with your PREMIUM eco, you can do so without creating waste.

Recycling is made effortless as PREMIUM eco can be fully disassembled into individual parts. Featuring a replaceable, rechargeable battery, ensures your toy will perform for as long as you want it to.




  • Magnetic charging
    Magnetic attraction — magnetic pins make recharging quick and convenient. The cable is 50% shorter, reducing materials used by 50%.
  • Exchangeable Battery
    The long-life battery can be charged up to 300 times and easily replaced.
  • Recyclable
    The unique design allows you to disassemble it — making recycling efficient and effortless.
  • 12 Intensity Levels
    Individually adjustable, from soft to intense. A setting for every mood.
  • Extra Stimulation head
    Every body is unique. Find the perfect size for your clitoris for completely unbelievable sensations.
  • LED indication
    Always know how much playtime you have left before your next recharge.
  • Splash-proof
    The splash-proof design makes it easy to clean with a damp cloth.
  • Smart Silence
    Thanks to this technology, PREMIUM eco will only turn on upon contact with the skin.
  • One Tree Planted
    For every PREMIUM eco sold, Womanizer will plant one tree and supports One Tree Planted..
  • Warning
    As the product is made from natural materials, do not expose it to temperatures higher than 55°C (131°F).

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