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XRBrands Master Series Plungers Extreme Nipple Suckers

Master Series Plungers set was designed to intensely suck and pinch at sensitive bits of flesh, nipples and beyond. 

Naturally drawing blood to the peaks of the breasts when attached, a powerful interior suction effect perks up the nipples, inspiring nearly instantaneous arousal and vastly increasing sensitivity to touch, tugs, flicks and otherwise. To attach, simply position over the desired nipple (or other nerve-ending rich external zone) and press firmly. Upon release, the suction activates, gently drawing skin upward and inward. 

In safe and  sturdy phthalate-free silicone, ABS and metal, the Plungers require just a rinse in warm soapy water to see them squeaky clean and ready for enjoyment.

The Plungers are approximately 1.5" (3.8cm) high and have an opening diameter of approximately the same (1.5"/3.8cm)