Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit: Reviewed

By Wicked Wanda's
on April 24, 2018
 Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit: Reviewed

I’ve recently been bestowed the honor of testing and reviewing the Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit and perfection doesn’t even begin to explain the pleasure received from this toy. First off, let me tell you a little about Satisfyer. This gift to the vagina works by bringing air through a silicone nozzle which then fits snugly over your clitoris. The pulsating effect creates a vacuum seal giving your clit maximum stimulation without direct contact. The best way to describe it is like getting amazing oral sex. Now the Satisfyer Rabbit gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to making your vagina happy, clitoris stimulation (especially the suction of the Satisfyer) and G-spot stimulation. All while being completely waterproof and rechargeable like the original Satisfyer.


The Suction

The suction on the Satisfyer Rabbit is the same amazing suction you get on the original Satisfyer Pro 2 with some slight differences. The first obvious difference is that the opening of the suction nozzle is much larger on the G-spot Rabbit at 1.5 cm wide leaving less room for error. In other words, it isn’t hard to find the connection of nozzle to clit. Without being able to move the stiff, 2 inch nozzle freely on your clitoris, the larger opening helps. The pumping power is great and goes up to 11 strength settings like the original Satisfyer Pro 2. Unfortunately though, the suction doesn’t feel as intense and you can’t really press it down on your clitoris without inserting the g-spot stimulator more. Being able to have full control of the positioning of one stimulation device without compromising the placement of another is usually preferred and the suction power being weaker doesn’t help. Thankfully though, the g-spot stimulator is quite flexible allowing a bit of leeway when it comes to getting the perfect spot on any clit and having the g-spot stimulation makes up for the lack of clitoral suction.


The G-Spot Stimulator

The Satisfyer G-spot Rabbit delivers exceptional G-spot stimulation with a 5 inch stimulator. This smooth silicone beacon of pleasure is controlled with 2 separate buttons on a 4 inch handle. One is a soft white button for the clitoris suction, and the other is a hard bronze button that controls the G-spot stimulators 10 vibrating levels and functions. It’s tapered, curved tip makes it easy to insert while also hitting the g-spot with ease. The flexibility of the G-spot stimulator on the Satisfyer Rabbit is a great addition to this toy because it makes it much easier to use. Everyone’s anatomy is different so making a toy that’s supposed to hit your clit AND your G-spot simultaneously is hard to do especially when the clitoris stimulation needs to be very direct to work properly. This toy delivers by having the G-spot stimulator as versatile as it is with its flexible base. That being said, it’s really only fully adjustable when fully inserted and takes some practice to find the right spot. The vibration is very strong and the lowest setting is powerful enough to be effective. That coupled with the suction brings you directly to pleasure paradise.


The Whole Package

To tie it all together, this toy is awesome and gave me maximum pleasure as expected. Having the Satisfyers’ infamous suction device attached to a powerful G-spot stimulator is a recipe for greatness, and greatness is certainly what you get from the Sastisfyer G-spot Rabbit. It wasn’t effortless though like the original Satisfyer Pro 2’s strong suction, but it is quieter making it less of a distraction. The buttons to control the toy take some getting used to but are made in the best possible way. There’s nothing worse than getting confused or flustered while you masturbate and the Satisfyer G-spot Rabbit has done the best possible job to make sure all you feel is satisfaction. My personal preferences while using the Satisfyer G-spot Rabbit is a high level suction with a low level g-spot stimulation. I like the functions of the g-spot stimulator so I can have an option of low to high without adjusting the settings myself. The suction alone makes having an orgasm extremely easy and the g-spot stimulation adds an extra push to the intensity of that orgasm. Everyone is different though, and fit matters a lot especially in the case of a dual-stimulator toy like this one.

Get your Satisfyer G-Spot Rabbit Today!


Written Anonymously 

We-Vibe Nova Reviewed

By Wicked Wanda's
on January 16, 2018
We-Vibe Nova Reviewed
In this honest review of the We-Vibe Nova, Lilith simply glows about this amazing g-spot product and as far as a dual stimulator goes, this toy is the best. Click to read more!

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We-Vibe Pivot Review

By Wicked Wanda's
on August 16, 2017
We-Vibe Pivot Review

By: Stoya

The Pivot by We-Vibe is an essential addition to any penis owner’s sex toy collection. This wonderful little machine takes luxury to the next level with a super powerful and easily rechargeable motor and a sleek silicone coating that is totally waterproof.

My partner, who we will affectionately refer to as T, and I have tried cockrings in the past. They were of a lesser quality and did not really impress either of us. That is why I was so pleased to see how excited my partner was with our new toy. The tight grip allowed him to thrust harder and faster without having to worry about ejaculating. However, due to the deep vibrations, when it was his turn to cum he found himself able to achieve orgasm quickly and to an extent that was very satisfying. He especially enjoyed the fun app feature of this toy. The pivot can connect to your phone by bluetooth, allowing you to flick through the 10 different tantalizing vibration patterns from your cellphone. My partner really enjoyed when I was in control of the app, which left him guessing about what would happen next and how intense or teasing the sensation would be.

The only critique of the product would be the one size fits all concept. My partner likes a particularly tight grip around his penis, with that being said, he did remark that it was very snug fit. If you are someone that needs a bit of breathing room, I’d recommend looking at the Verge by We-vibe. This toy is very similar to the Pivot, however is designed to go around both the penis and the balls and therefore has a larger diameter.

Not only was it very arousing to see how much pleasure this toy brought my partner, but it also had features that extended to myself as well. I was very excited to use it as a vibrator on my clit, as the motor is impressively powerful, smooth and led to intense orgasms. Being penetrated while my partner used the pivot was quite a treat. Although the vibration was not consistent enough to bring me to climax, it gave me teasing pleasure, especially when he would grind into me. I also had a lot of fun controlling the toy from my phone while he gave me cunniligus.

My partner and I do not live in the same city and therefore have our fair share of Skype sex. What has always attracted me to We-Vibe products is they really cater to long distance couples. Not only was my partner able to hook up the Pivot to his phone through bluetooth, but then I was able to connect via wifi and control the toy while being in another country! We did find we had to re-pair the toy with his phone a couple times throughout the session, but overall I was very impressed with the technology.

What I loved most about The Pivot is that it enhances all elements of sex. It can easily be used solo to spice up masturbation. Your partner can wear it during foreplay to add extra sensation. And then of course during penetration which adds extra fun to both parties experience. I cannot stop raving about this product to anyone who will listen and I can’t wait to try more toys by We-Vibe!

Review- Satisfyer Pro 2

By Wicked Wanda's
on February 09, 2017
Review- Satisfyer Pro 2

By: Margeurite

Sometimes you just have to do it yourself. What woman hasn’t said that to herself at least half a dozen times in a week? It applies to everything, cleaning, laundry, cooking, anything., You cannot always depend on someone else to help (for about a million reasons we call life). Same goes for getting your orgasm too, sometimes you just have to do it yourself!

The Satisfyer Pro 2 is the new favourite DYS toy in my life! (DYS; Do yourself. Yes, I *think* I just made this up, it’s so fetch.)

I love its classy rose gold colouring! This toy could be mistaken for a body massager (technically, it is one of sorts). If you leave this charging on the beside table, no one is likely to do a double take walking by (which for myself who has roommates, that’s a pro). From my experience over the last few weeks it does not require constant charging, seems to hold a charge fairly well for a long period of time. It’s your basic charger, one end is a USB, and the other is a magnetic charger that doesn’t easily come out of place if you knock it and it is easy to attach. I charged it while gone during the day, so I cannot say anything to how long it takes to charge.I can’t say much for the box packaging, as I didn’t get the box with it on pick-up (the boxes on the shelf looked nice though). I did receive it in sealed plastic wrapping, which is reassuring since no one wants to get a toy that they can’t be sure hasn’t been touched by a stranger. It came with charger and easy to read instruction booklet.

This toy is very light weight, easily held and maneuvered. Over a period of extended use your wrist isn’t going to be stiff the next day. I love the silicone nozzle, it is soft and gentle on your skin. As someone who is sometimes sensitive down there to textures, I really enjoy the material used. It has only two buttons, thank goodness! I can’t stand the twist things a lot of toys have. The buttons are self explanatory, easily maneuvered to start and a breeze to change settings up, without throwing off your groove, when you need a little bit more.

How it works; this is a strictly clitoral stimulation toy. The lovely silicone nozzle is placed directly on your clit, and then you’re off to the races. I like to turn mine on before placing, but I’m sure you could place and then start if you so desired. It does not need to be moved once in place, trust me! What the SP2 does is gives you a sort of pulsation, I find it hard to describe honestly. It’s somewhere between a pulsation, vibration and suction. Whatever it is, however you describe it, it works! And there’s so many different settings!  There is one for everyone I promise (or a combination of different ones). If you’re feeling easy, or if your body is playing hard to get, it doesn’t matter. I have had zero troubles getting the job done with the SP2, sometimes way faster than I am used to.

Something else awesome about the SP2? It’s completely water proof! Like, not just use it and be done water proof. I accidently knocked it in the tub while it was on the side and it stayed in there fully submerged for a good 15 minutes until I noticed. It’s a different sensation when you are using it underwater, maybe it’s because I’m fairly sensitive but to me the experience in water was more intense than the non-water use. Perhaps its because the pulsation is now also moving the water around on your clit, I am not sure the science behind it, but wow!

My biggest like for the SP2 is the fact that it is quiet. To some this may seem like a trivial thing. But for me, who has roommates, and who likes her me time to be me time, I don’t want to broadcast to my whole house what I am doing. With other toys it’s like I’m building a blanket fort trying to dampen the buzz of the vibration. The SP2 is wonderfully quiet, I can lay back an enjoy without the sound proofing ordeal of the past. Even in the bath/shower I didn’t have to worry about an echo from the tub or the tiled walls in the room.

My man is all for my getting my O (even if he’s not involved), he always does his best to make sure I get it when we play, even if extra stimulation is needed on occasion (God love him). Last week we needed the extra help. He dove into the box and pulled out the SP2, and of course, wanted to try it. We have a habit of taking toys for one and making them toys for two. So, a position change to our favourite then adding the SP2, next thing I knew the task was done. The pulsation paired with Him had me soaring high in a matter of minutes. It was easy to hold onto and in position while still holding my body position for what he was doing so that he could get his after he got me mine.

In my humble opinion the SP2 is a win on all counts, I am very grateful to have this toy in my collection!

Anyone who hasn’t bought a Valentines day gift for their girl yet, hint hint.

Crave's Vesper Vibe Reviewed

By Wicked Wanda's
on July 28, 2016
Crave's Vesper Vibe Reviewed

By: Minx

Sex and fashion finally meet with the release of Vesper by Crave. Admittedly I tend to enjoy more powerful options, such as the Hitachi Magic Wand, but I was pleasantly surprised at how powerful this slim vibe was.

The Vesper
is an elegant and rechargeable toy that can be worn as a pendant necklace (with benefits!) – made from stainless steel, the Vesper looks like a luxurious piece of jewelry and is available in silver, rose gold and 24K gold. I’m not usually one to admire product packaging, but I must say the velvet storage pouch and jewelry box were quite stunning. The aesthetics of the Vesper does truly make it a unique piece; I’ve paired my silver model with a variety of outfits and received compliments about my lovely necklace *cue sneaky smile. My best friend and I were out to dinner when I told her I was wearing a sex toy for a review I was writing. Her reaction was somewhere in-between confusion and intrigue. I leaned next to her and switched on the discreet power button, her eyes lit up and she began to blush and giggle at the intensity of this little gadget. We began discussing its elegance in comparison to other toys and agreed the Vesper is a wonderful example of a non-offensive and sex-positive toy. Love the concept!

To be honest when I ordered my Vesper I was not convinced the necklace would be a substantial toy, and summed it up to be more of a novelty type item. I was wrong! The Vesper delivers deep toe curling vibrations and the motor actually heats up the entire vibe. The heating aspect quickly became one of my favorite features. I have a glass dildo that can be used for temperature play, but I never actually go through the process of running it under warm water, so this is a hassle free way for me to get that delightful warming sensation.  The shape and light-weight is ideal for localized vibration; great for clitoral and nipple play. The vibe is small and can easily be incorporated in many positions. Personally, I really enjoyed incorporating the Vesper during a blow job; using it along the shaft was great. I continued by cupping the vibe in my hand and using it around the balls and perineum while blowing him. Needless to say he had an explosive orgasm; it was super-hot and I felt like a BJ queen. On the flipside I love using the Vesper when a partner is going down on me; its slim size is undisruptive. Overall the Vesper is a wonderful addition to all sorts of play.

The Vesper is made of stainless steel which means it is non-porous. Therefore you may use any kind of lubricant (if desired) and it is very easy to clean.  The charging system is user-friendly and the Vesper has a long battery life but dies unexpectedly, so keep your charger near. It is splash proof and water-resistant, not water-proof! I wouldn’t recommend bringing it to the shower and especially not the tub. The Vesper is for external use only; it does not have a base so please do not insert this in your bum.  

I am so happy with the Vesper! I look forward to reading my readers comments and experiences with it. So please feel free to post any thoughts or questions. I would without hesitation recommend this to any person looking for a fun addition to their sex toy or jewelry box.

Hitachi Magic Wand- Rechargeable Review

By Wicked Wanda's
on January 14, 2016
Hitachi Magic Wand- Rechargeable Review

By: Lilith

Let’s be honest, I’ve had a lot of sex toys for a variety of purposes. Since I work in a sex store the temptations to get a new one gets me almost every week. Yet this bad boy has been my go-to since I got it during the fall because of its amazing power that is almost totally unique to the Hitachi Magic Wand. My personal massager and romantic partner at this point gives me options, doesn’t tie me down with cords and rumbles so sweet! This is my honest review of the Hitachi Magic Wand- the Rechargeable version.

I have more often than not been a small bullet clit kinda girl. You can check out my glowing review for the We-Vibe Touch. But even the best bullet vibe can’t compete power-wise the larger Magic Wand. More of a rumble power than a buzzing, you feel the vibrations all over your wiggly bits rather than directly onto the clit. The great thing about this new Hitachi version is the soft silicone head rather than the harder rubber one the original features. Just make sure that you are careful not to use silicone lubricant or toys with the wand because it will damage the silicone head. Another upgrade is the amount of settings for the rechargeable. The original has only two settings: really fracking powerful and super powerful, whereas the rechargeable has 4 constant settings going up in power and 4 pulsating settings. You don’t even have to move at all with the pulsating; the toy does all of the work. The range of settings makes this toy much more multi-purpose as both a sextoy and a massager. While the uber-strong settings of the original is great for shoulders, and back massage it can be very overpowering on the sensitive clit. Having the option to build up to the strongest setting makes for a much more comfortable and enjoyable sexual experience that more people can appreciate- alas not everyone is a power-groupie.

Rechargeable products are by and far better than battery operated ones and ones which plug into the wall because they last longer, are generally stronger and cords wear-down no matter the quality. Nothing is more sad then having your favorite toy break-down after a few years because of the cord. With the rechargeable you don’t have to worry about that or about needing an extension cord to be able to reach yourself or a partner. Here are some of the stats:

  • Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries (7.2V/2250mAh)
  • 4 power intensities. (Low – 2,700rpms, Medium – 3,800rpms, High – 5,400rpms, Ultra – 6,300rpms)
  • 4 vibration patterns
  • 20 minutes of use with automatic shut off feature which will preserve battery life and charge.  This device has a 3 hour run time on a full charge.
  • 13 inches long
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

This baby is amazingly powerful. But for sex toy lovers you may be thinking… but what about penetration. Well the top of the wand cannot be used to penetrate but the attachments that have been made for the original will fit this version as well. There is so many attachments on the market so make sure to double check that it is compatible with Hitachi Magic Wands and not some knockoffs. I personally really liked the g-spot attachment. The only problem with the attachments is that they are hard to get on and off of the head of the toy. Try lubing up the toy before putting on the attachment to make it easier and make sure to always take it off after you are done using it to make your toy lasts as long as possible. If you are one for really deep and hard penetration then this toy might not be great because the neck is a little fragile. I’ve not broken it yet but I’ve felt like I was going to while using it.

Now I’ve written about this toy from a very female perspective but don’t think this is limited to female bodies- everyone can enjoy this toy. If you have male genitalia then try the wand underneath on the perineum or even lightly on the balls to get an interesting reaction! You can also try this toy with external and internal anal play. Make sure to use proper lube for anal play that won’t dry out on you but go to town. You can clean the head with soap and water but be careful not to get the toy too wet as you can damage the electrical inside. I might just stick with a toy cleaner because then you can control where everything goes. And remember that this product is a massager so try it on your shoulders, back, neck and anywhere else that needs some loosening up.

Of course, with every toy there are some downsides. The toy is fairly heavy for a hand-held vibrator so it might not be a long session for playing- that said the power of this thing is bound to make your climax happen quickly. I also get nervous about the neck of the toy breaking if I use too much pressure on the head or go too hard with an attachment. I wish it were a solid toy instead of with a strange neck. While attachments can be fun, it is a pain in the ass to get them on and off of this guy. So much so that I usually avoid using an attachment because it’s not worth it for me. Lastly, the toy is also not water-proof at all. If you happen to have a lot of personal lubrication from squirting or whatnot – make sure to put a condom on the toy to protect it from liquid damage.

Even with the downsides, I absolutely love this toy. It is my go-to vibrator and I adore experimenting with it. While the price might be steep for some at $190.99 in store, it is an investment you won’t regret because this bad boy will last you for years. This company is well known for a reason. We have been waiting for a rechargeable version of the original for years. The Original has been the most powerful hand-held vibrator for 30 years and now they’ve gotten better! I love mine and I know you will love yours.

By: Lilith

Buy yours online or in store today!

Review - Tango by WeVibe™

By Wicked Wanda's
on January 07, 2016
Review - Tango by WeVibe™

By: Fawn

Petite, pretty and powerful. Tango by We-Vibe™ is a discreet mini-vibrator that proves good things do come in small packages. Small yet mighty, Tango delivers deep, rumbling vibrations right where you want them.

Tango by We-Vibe™


The most powerful mini-vibe? I’m here to find out!

Tango by We-Vibe™ Highlighted Features:

- Small, discreet, compact

- Take powerful pleasure anywhere

- Tapered tip offers pinpoint focus where you want it, while the flat edge can be used for a more generic all-over massage.Order through Wicked Wanda's Today!

- Can be used on its own or attached to your favourite vibe-compatible product!


My Newest Bedroom And Travel Essential

Every woman has GOT to have her go-to mini vibe, whether it be the ones shaped as lipsticks that you can keep in your purse, or the classic mini-egg vibes that you keep in the nearest drawer to your bed. The one downfall is this: How many of these have you owned so far? I bet many. Although practical and versatile, most of them don’t last very long. The Tango by We-Vibe™ is a game changer. Available in pink or blue for $99.00 from Wicked Wanda’s, you get a one-year warrantee included; this li’l dude is definitely worth the investment. Not only is it THE most powerful mini vibe I’ve encountered so far, it’s also quiet, rechargeable AND waterproof.


With summer here, i’ve been traveling a lot, especially by plane to visit some family. This lil buddy has been so discreet and loyal to my needs, which I admit, are usually put on the side burner during travel time. I often travel by plane with only a carry on and i’ll admit, I leave my dildos at home out of fear of having my personal items inspected publicly at the airport security checkpoint. The Tango was brought through 3 different airports without any questioning! It’s also extremely quiet for the amount of power it offers, which is great if you’re living with roommates or simply wanting discretion.


The tapered tip is awesome because it allows you to vary from general massage to very pinpointed vibrations.


By comparing it to the classic vibrating eggs, there are just so many features that makes the WeVibe Tango a gazillion times better. For one, there are a variety of vibration strengths and patterns for different moods and preferences. The button at the base is easy to push and allows you to find the perfect setting and intensity. It also frees you of the wired controller that came with the classic egg vibe. YAY! Oh, and did I mention it’s 100% waterproof?


Proof that nothing is perfect. This lil champion has a downside. It’s not horrible, but it can be pretty embarrassing under certain circumstances. Being waterproof, my first Tango experience in the shower was interrupted when I dropped it onto my bath’s porcelain bottom. Not only did it go from extremely quiet to VERY LOUD, it took off on me and bounced around everywhere, which to most would probably look pretty hilarious, almost cartoon-like. However, if you have people in the next room, this would definitely require some explanation upon exiting the bathroom. My suggestion? Avoid having soapy hands and perhaps opt for a bath instead of a stand-up shower.


The other downside would be the very wobbly magnetic adapter that attaches to the toy itself and connects it to the USB cable. The magnet itself could be stronger, therefore it can easily disconnect. Try charging it on a high shelf.


 “The most powerful mini-vibe” ?

Hands down. YES. Yes yes and ooooh… yes.. Seriously. Trust me on this one. You will not be disappointed.



You can also buy the Tango with the most powerful couples toy the WeVibe 4 Plus! The Passionate Play Kit is a fantastic value! $219.00 + taxes In Store only!

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