Review - Vulcan Masturbator - for Him!

By: Dante Hume

Whether you’ve simply grown tired of the monotony of using your hand, your partner is out of town, or you’re just looking to spice up your love sessions, a male masturbator can be a great addition to your toy box. Choosing a masturbator can be difficult; there are so many variations in terms of brands, materials, design, and price points – in the end I went with the Vulcan Tight Vagina model.

The first thing that stood out and aided my choice was that, unlike a lot of the other masturbators in the same price range, the Vulcan models have a nice case to ensure a clean, mess free experience. It fits nicely in your hand, and doesn’t feel awkward in terms of handling which was something I had reservations about. That being said, when the time came to try it out, I found using it outside of the case made for a better experience. I tried using it inside the case, and it was just a bit too small (or tight) and I couldn’t get the full range of motion I was hoping for. First impression of taking it out of the case: Awesome! The material is very soft, and forms to your hand, almost as if you’re just holding onto your appendage! It has a great range of motion, and all around feel. The inside is ribbed, and offers extra stimulation to your member. I also had my partner use it on me, which was a great experience. The hands-free session gave extra sensation, and with a thick water-based lube, (I used Slippery Stuff) it felt amazing. A huge plus to these masturbators is that they are open on both sides, so when you’re done with it, cleaning is a pretty easy task. Simply take it out of the case (unless you’ve already taken it out to use) and run hot (but not too hot) water through each end. I do recommend using a little bit of mild soap, just to ensure proper cleanliness; and rinse thoroughly. Make sure to air dry the masturbator out of the case, to make sure there is no moisture build up (a little bit of corn starch can be used to help the drying process as well). On a side note, the Vulcan line also carries masturbators with a vibrating bullet attached! I already know what my next toy box purchase will be. All around, the experience was great. As for deterioration, I have yet to see any; just make sure to care for it properly.


+ Case makes it easy to clean and conceal

+ Great all around feel and stimulation

+ Can be used with partner


- Can be a little bit cold

- If not properly cared for, will not last forever

Verdict and Rating:


I was honestly very surprised with how much I liked this product, having never used one before. If you’re in the market for a masturbator, it is well worth the $24.99 I spent at Wicked Wanda’s. Overall, I give this item a 4.5/5! Half a point deducted for not being able to use it in its prescribed case. That being said, it was a lot of fun to use, and I’m excited to upgrade to the vibrating version.

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