Crave Curve Glass Wand

Crave Curve Glass Wand

Crave Curve Glass Wand

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 Have you been thinking about adding a glass wand to your sex toy collection?  The Curve by Crave is an excellent entry-level glass massage wand. The curved form makes it easy for the user to access hard-to-reach places and the fact that it's made of glass means it's got a heavier, more substantial feel to provide a firm touch.


Why do people like glass toys? A main reason is that glass toys can withstand greater temperature extremes, making them perfect for temperature play during partnered or solo sex. Glass picks up and retains body heat easily, so it warms up organically upon insertion. If you want to experience cooling sensation, you can place the wand in some ice cold water or the freezer for a few minutes (a sensual way to cool down on a hot summer day!) To warm it up, you can place the wand in some hot water or microwave it.  Make sure that you test the wand on your skin before inserting it to make sure it's not too hot or cold and to safely use internally.

The Curve wand is make from body-safe Borosilicate glass (or Pyrex) which is very durable and will not break under normal use. It's also super easy to clean because it's nonporous. You can even pop it into your dishwasher.  Plus... glass toys are pretty. Sometimes I leave mine out on the nightstand for display! Blends in more easily with other decor ;)


 - Crave Curve glass wand is completely nonporous and dishwasher-safe;

 - It helps stimulate the G-spot and release of pelvic floor muscles;

 - It comes with a durable case for easy storage and travel;

 - Made in the USA.

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