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Zeus Electrogasm

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Achieve that great orgasm with The Zeus Electrogasm! This device can be put anywhere, you can use your imagination, and it will send electrical sensations that may cause you to feel intense pleasure. There are two sides to the electrogasm, on one side is the control which allows you to choose between 5 different modes and the other side has a reusable and replaceable adhesive pad, much like a tens pad.

With the control being places on the device itself, this will allow for you to use your hands for any extra pleasure you might want. 5 Different Modes: Mode 1, Tapping: Enjoy a sensual e-stim tap-tap-tap on the skin and let it travel through your with intense pleasure. Mode 2, Rhythmical Kneading: Like a skilled baker with bread, let the Electrogasm massage you like loving massaging hands. Mode 3, Deep Kneading: While Mode 2 is more on the surface, Mode 3 proceeds to go beyond the skin tissue, massage you deep inside. Mode 4, Pressing: The Electrogasm applies a pulsating press against your skin.

Mode 5, Continuous Press: Let the Electrogasm apply a consistent press against your skin, not letting up on the enjoyment that you'll feel. In addition, the Electrogasm can be worn underneath clothing. No one has to know how your obtaining that coy little smile all day. Measurements: Adhesive pad is 4 inches in length and 2 inches in width. Note: Uses 2 tap batteries, Included For Immediate Use.

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