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Fun Factory Big Boss

Fun Factory Big Boss

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  • Big Boss Pink Ready to Rock your World !

This toy is named accurately. “Big Boss'' by Fun Factory is a large internal vibrator guaranteed to deliver an intense experience for those vagina-owners who want to feel fullness. Although it’s not an exact anatomical representation of a penis, it has a phallic shape, some vein-like ridges, and a wide tip (“head”). The looped handle makes it easy to grasp the toy for controlled thrusting and depth of penetration. The medium firm silicone material provides minor flexibility. Given the girth, it’s best to start slow with this vibrator. Lube it up generously, be gentle with insertion, and feel it out internally. It may be a good idea to wait until it is fully inserted before turning on the deep, strong, rumbly vibration. We’ve got two colour options for you available at the shop: black and pink. 

We’ve fixed all of the disadvantages of battery toys, kept the advantages, and added some more! MR BOSS, from our game-changing battery line, has the most powerful battery-operated motor on the market, takes standard or rechargeable batteries (and knows the difference between them), and can even be effectively upgraded to a rechargeable toy with the addition of a hybrid kit if you decide you want to make the switch. That’s right, we’ve invented patented new technology to change your relationship to your vibrator in ways you’ll love. 

  • Smart charging technology distinguishes between regular and rechargeable batteries
  • Deep, rumbling vibration
  • Use as soon as you get home!
  • About 1 hour continuous play on highest setting
  • Lock function for easy travel
  • Quiet & discreet
  • Intuitive button control
  • Easy on/off with FUN button
  • LED charge indicator light
  • Designed and handcrafted in Germany
  • Body-safe materials
  • Waterproof


MR BOSS offers seriously strong vibration that’s comparable to your favorite rechargeable toy. Its deep, rumbling, bass tone quality is exactly what many people need to reach climax. Unlike other battery toys, it even maintains a steady level of power throughout the entire battery life, for FUN until the very end!

You’ve never tried a toy like this before. MR BOSS uses standard batteries or rechargeable batteries, for the perfect blend of convenience and green power. You can even recharge your batteries inside the toy, just like recharging a motor. Our smart charging technology can tell the difference between regular and rechargeable batteries, for a hassle-free charge.

The G-spot-pleasing shape of our bestselling BIG BOSS is scaled down to a size even more of you will love. The appealing realism and stimulating ridge remains the same.

Want to use this toy right away? Only use a vibrator once in a while? MR BOSS solves the problem of thinking ahead. As long as you have a fresh set of batteries, this vibe is good to go. (You can even steal them out of your remote if you need to!)

Give a gift you can use together right out of the box! Thanks to the convenience of batteries, this is a luxury toy that’s perfect for a romantic occasion or a last-minute night in.

Charge your rechargeable batteries separately while your MR BOSS stays tucked safely away in your drawer. No one will be any the wiser.

Made with FUN FACTORY’s dedication to quality, MR BOSS comes with a two year warranty. 

The most powerful battery toy, with a deep, rumbling vibration.
BATTERY+ Toys take regular or rechargeable batteries for flexible power.

Rechargeable batteries can be charged separately, or you can use a USB MAGNETIC CHARGER to charge the batteries inside the BATTERY+ toy, just as you would with a standard rechargeable toy.

It's submersible waterproof!

4 vibration intensities and 6 vibration rhythms give diverse pleasures.

All FUN FACTORY toys are invented, developed, designed AND produced in Bremen, Germany.

FUN FACTORY offers a diverse and colorful spectrum of toys all made with 100% medical-grade silicone!

Please make sure you deactivated the travel lock.
To unlock your toy, click the + button (or the button with the big dot) and the FUN button at the same time for about 1 – 4 seconds. The toy should buzz once and the buttons may flash. You can now start the toy by pressing the FUN button for half a second.

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