Fun Factory Tiger G5
Fun Factory Tiger G5
Fun Factory Tiger G5
Fun Factory Tiger G5

Fun Factory Tiger G5

Fun Factory Tiger G5

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The Tiger is a real cuddle tomcat no woman can refuse. The prominent ridging and the bent tip really intensely massage the G-spot. The booster guarantees additional power, allowing the Tiger to purr in top form. Connoisseurs will love this big guy's wavy profile, because each ridge delivers unexpected intense stimulation upon insertion. G5 technology provides up to twice the power of the G4 model with greater vibration provided throughout the shaft, not the handle. Also includes FlexiFUN technology, which means extremely flexible 100% medical-grade silicone all the way to the core plus a key lock for worry-free travel and a battery level indicator so users will never be surprised by a delay in play!

Insertable Length 5

Diameter 1.6

Hight 9

Matrerials 100% Medical-Grade Silicone

Water Resistance Waterproof

Power Source Magnetic USB Rechargable included.


(1) The toy will probably be locked when you receive it. To unlock push the red “FUN” and the “+” simultaneously until the lights flash and go out. You can lock it again by pushing the “FUN” and “-” together.

(2) The vibe is sold WITHOUT a charge. BEFORE USE it must be FULLY charged for roughly 8 hours. To charge, line up toy and charger head, you will feel the magnets click into place. Lights let you know you have a connection and charging is taking place. Once this initial charge cycle is complete, the toy may be kept plugged into its charger whenever it’s not in use, though this is not necessary as Fun Factory batteries do have a very slow discharge, they are noted for it.

(3) You SHOULD unplug it for LONG-term storage … say you are going on a trip and for some horrible reason you can’t bring your vibe!

(4) If the toy is connected to the magnetic plug while in use, the vibrator automatically switches off. Just take away the magnet plug and press the power button to resume operation.

(5) The shaft of the toy is made of silicone; a material that is compatible with water-based lubes but NOT SILICONE LUBES; those will adhere to it and ruin the appearance of the toy. Soap and warm water applied with a damp cloth (washing away from the control panel) will clean silicone sufficiently. You may use an adult toy cleaner, though unnecessary.

Click N Charge Care: Unplug the charging unit when the toy isn’t connected to it. If the charging unit magnets itself to another metallic surface, it could be drawing power … that’s not good!

In any event, do not get water near the charging unit. Be absolutely certain that the vibe is dry and clean before attaching it to its charger. Never put the charger into water. As with any other rechargeable electronics, following the manufacturer’s instructions will prolong the operating life of the vibe, its rechargeable battery, and its charger.

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