Liberator Bed Buckler BDSM pink cherry
Liberator Bed Buckler BDSM pink cherry
Liberator Bed Buckler BDSM pink cherry
Liberator Bed Buckler BDSM pink cherry
Liberator Bed Buckler BDSM pink cherry
Liberator Bed Buckler BDSM pink cherry

Liberator Bed Buckler

Liberator Bed Buckler

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Bound for Pleasure!

Product Description:
Most couples cuff each other to the bedposts at some point in their sexual adventuring, but what do you do if you don't have a four-poster bed or wrought-iron rails? This seemingly innocent set of tethers and kitten-soft cuffs allows adventurers to take things to the next level. Anywhere. Home, hotel, futon.

How does it work? The web-strap restraint system slips between the mattress and the box spring and four 20-inch tethers wrap up around to the surface of the bed. Bonus D-rings make Bed Buckler compatible with scarves, rope or your favorite pair of cuffs. A clear plastic storage/travel box makes this a great gift for kinky travelers! Adjustable wrist and ankle cuffs seal shut snugly with a Velcro closure.

Microfiber and Plastic

Includes Velcro adjustable wrist and ankle cuffs
Blindfold included.
Quick Clips attach the wrist and ankle cuffs.
Also works with Liberator Black Label products.
Fits up to a California King Size bed!
Machine Washable cuffs and blindfold
Made in the U.S.A.

Customer Review: 

“My partner and I had discussed introducing more kink into the bedroom. We both were intrigued by the idea of being bound, so we began exploring some options. The alternative to the Bed Buckler is rope and/or leather.  We were drawn to the Liberator Bed Buckler Kit for several reasons. Neither of us is great with rope and while leather is beautiful we were not yet ready to make the investment. Our main objective was to get a little kinky and feel good doing it. What I love: 
Quality; the cuffs are sturdy and so soft. For the sake of this review, I’ve literally tried to rip the Velcro cuffs apart and have not succeeded.  Second, the blindfold is amazing: there is a cushioned lining along the bottom of the blindfold to ensure no peaking and total darkness. The cuffs and blindfold are also machine washable. The extra tie-downs are another bonus; this adds so much versatility to the kit. It allows us to use the cuffs independently from the bed system.  Another great aspect of our Bed Buckler is how low maintenance it is. After play-time is over simply tuck the restraints under the mattress and voila! No mess.

 The Liberator Bed Buckler Kit is a great start to get your kink kit started. From here a variety of sensation tools such as feathers, floggers, and a wartenburg wheel can be used to heighten play. 

If you’ve been thinking of trying something new I highly recommend this kit. Communicate your desires with your partner(s), explore consensually and have fun!”



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