We-Vibe Rave 2

We-Vibe Rave 2
We-Vibe Rave 2
We-Vibe Rave 2
We-Vibe Rave 2
We-Vibe Rave 2
We-Vibe Rave 2
We-Vibe Rave 2
We-Vibe Rave 2
We-Vibe Rave 2
We-Vibe Rave 2

We-Vibe Rave 2

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We-Vibe Rave 2 is designed for pure pleasure, targeting the G-spot and vaginal opening with satisfying vibrations for an intense climax. Its twisted pleasure shape, smooth silicone and adjustable fit ensure an unforgettable experience.

What is Rave 2?
We-Vibe Rave 2 is a powerful, customizable vibrator that targets both the G-spot and sensitive vaginal opening for a truly mind-blowing orgasm. Its unique pleasure shape means a simple twist of the toy creates intense sensations, while the adjustable hinge provides a firm, comfortable grip – and the perfect angle to massage the G-spot.

Who it’s for
Rave 2 is aimed at modern, metropolitan couples who are open and outspoken about their sex life. They have likely been together a while and share a desire to explore new sexual heights together. Our customers may have tried sex toys before and are looking for something new. While our focus is on couples play, Rave 2 is also an excellent masturbatory aid


Product Features:

Dual motors

Rumbly, deep vibrations stimulate the G-spot and vaginal opening and let you experience a mind-blowing orgasm, whether you control them together or separately.

10+ vibration modes

From gentle and teasing to powerful and intense, Rave 2 can keep up with your needs.

We-Vibe app-enabled

Play together with the We-Vibe app to give your foreplay extra spark – across a room or a continent.





Rave 2 is 100% waterproof (IPX7), making it easy to enjoy anywhere and simple to clean.

Unique shape

The asymmetrical shape of Rave 2 transforms gentle movements into ecstatic pleasure.

Adjustable fit

Rave’s adjustable hinge allows you to choose the best angle for your unique body to stimulate your G-spot.


How to control

Rave 2 uses simple, intuitive controls on the toy itself, and can also be controlled by the We-Vibe app. Enjoy pleasure over any distance. Both you and your partner download the We-Vibe app to your smartphones. Add your partner to share control with an invite from the app.

How to play

1. Apply a water-based lube to the head of the toy and slide it into the vagina

2. The adjustable hinge allows to adjust the angle of the toy, to put the right amount of pressure on the G-area.

3. With the toy inserted, rotate it until it feels comfortably in place – stay curious and experiment with what feels best for you.

4. By twisting the toy, the bulbous head with its pleasure edges is in constant contact with the G-spot, continually massaging the area.

5. Turn the toy on by pressing the control button.

6. Cycle through different vibration pattern modes and intensity levels by using the + and - buttons on the toy, or using the We-Vibe app.


Vibration modes

Packaging contains:

Rave 2 G-Spot vibrator, USB charging cable, quick start guide, safety instructions, lube sample, storage pouch



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