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Arcwave Pow
Arcwave Pow
Arcwave Pow
Arcwave Pow
Arcwave Pow
Arcwave Pow
Arcwave Pow
Arcwave Pow
Arcwave Pow
Arcwave Pow
Arcwave Pow

Arcwave Pow

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The Pow packs a punch when it comes to penis pleasure! This premium manual stroker from Arcwave is designed to harness natural air suction while allowing the user to customize the intensity levels. It uses a vacuum effect to create an intense suction while the air pressure valves on either side of the device can be used to control the tightness.

The inner sleeve is made from CleanTech silicone that is durable, ultra-hygienic and super smooth on the skin. The material is flexible and stretches from 1 to 1.7 inches in width, fitting 95% of penis sizes. Before inserting your penis into the device, be sure to add some lubricant to your penis as well as inside the chamber to optimize your experience. The Pow features special quick-dry ventilation lids that are designed to protect the toy when not in use and enable faster drying. Add this fuss-free sex toy to your collection!

Shake it up.

Arcwave Pow is a premium manual stroker with suction control, textured CleanTech Silicone sleeve and dual entry. Pow's intuitive silicone pleasurably tightens during use, while the air pressure release valve creates intense suction for a new and incredible climax.

Arcwave Pow tums pressure to pleasure by hamessing natoral air suction with smart design. A manual stroker with a structured Quick Clean Helix silicone inner sleeve and intuitive air pressure release valve, Pow shakes up masturbation for an intense release- and easy clean-up.

Who ls lt For
Arcwave Pow is for the confident, mature, toy user who values taking control of their own pleasure, regardless of their sexual orientation or relationship status. They may have tried sex toys before and are looking for something of a higher quality.

Product Key Features & Descriptions

Suction Control:
Air pressure release valve tightens the silicone sleeve, creating a controllable, natoral suction sensation without batteries. By placing a finger over the air pressure release valve during use, you can control the suction intensity exactly to your 1iking for a customizable, totally natural feeling.

CleanTech Silicone
Keeping Pow fresh is simple. Arcwave's cutting-edge CleanTech Silicone is ultra-hygieuic and durable but is also super smooth on the skin. Precision engineering gives this material a superior finish, as weil as making it durable for continued use.


Quick Clean Helix
Smart structure within Pow's inner sleeve optimizes cleaning and drying speed without compromising on those smooth sensations.

Quick-dry Ventilation Lids
Pow has specially shaped !ids designed to protee!the toy when not in use as weil as enable better ventilation for fast and hygieuic drying.

How To Play

1. Remove protective lids:
Remove both protective !ids from your Pow.

2.Apply water-based lube:
Add a little to both your penis and the toy.

3.Siideyour penis inside:
Stroke for an enhanced masturbation experience.

4. Air pressure release valve:
Coverand uncover the hole at the end to control suction to your liking.

5.Wash it effortlessly:
Just remove the inner sleeve to wash and dry quickly and easily.



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