Doc Johnson Ultraskyn Refresh Powder 1.25oz

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Doc Johnson Ultraskyn Refresh Powder 1.25oz

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The Ultraskyn Refresh Powder comes in a small container, 1.25 ounces in size. Its primary purpose is to renew and restore the softness and smoothness of Ultraskyn toys after cleaning. Over time, certain materials used in sex toys may become sticky or lose their original texture due to factors like moisture and friction. By applying the Refresh Powder, users can help prevent the material from becoming tacky and maintain a more lifelike feel.

To use the Refresh Powder, you typically apply a small amount directly to the toy's surface after cleaning and drying it thoroughly. The powder helps to remove any excess moisture and restore the soft, non-sticky feel of the Ultraskyn material. Regularly using the Refresh Powder can extend the lifespan of Ultraskyn toys and keep them in optimal condition for a more enjoyable experience.

ULTRASKYN™ Refresh Powder by Doc Johnson is the only powder guaranteed to optimally restore and maintain your ULTRASKYN™ toys. This 100% talc-free powder features natural ingredients and is specially formulated to improve and extend the lifespan of all your favorite ULTRASKYN™ products, making every time feel like the first time. Packaged in a traditional sprinkle-top powder bottle, ULTRASKYN™ Refresh Powder easily twists open and adjusts to dispense the right amount for any item.

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