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Fun Factory - B Balls - Dark Violet

The B Balls - A new class of anal stimuation the B Balls - a butt plug that reacts to your motions! Two balls of graduated size are passionately inserted anally, segment by segment like anal beads.

With every movement, the small weights inside of the B Balls create reactive sensations depending on the body's activity, allowing intensity ranging from gentle to powerful. Thre is no toher toy like it! The mouvement of the toy's weights does not require any electrical power and it delivers pleasure for hours = whether during intercourse with a partner and / or sextoy or as a little secret you carry around during the day.

The B Balls get to work without making a sound and thanks to their narrow base, they can be worn discreetly beneath the user's clothes. Due to their size, B BALLS are perfect for intermediate or expert anal players; they crate a satisfying sense of being "filed up".

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