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The Powerful Classic

Product Description:
The Magic Wand has been hailed as the “Cadillac of Vibrators” because it is the most powerful vibrator on the market.  For over thirty years this vibrator has been thrilling housewives and curing them of their “hysteria” (ie: sexual pent-up frustration) while remaining a discrete looking muscle massager to the unobserving eye.  It wasn’t long before women found its true and ultimate purpose however, due to the pioneering work of sex educator Betty Dodson who taught women how to masturbate during the 70s, and the Magic Wand has become legendary in the realm of “vibrators” ever since.

The Magic Wand is a plug-in, wand style vibrator designed for stimulation of the clitoris and vulva.  The body of this massager is made of hard plastic and 12” in length to allow for an extended reach.  At the end of the wand, the large rounded massage head is soft and spongy to touch yet resonates the powerful, deep vibrations exceedingly well.  The strong electric motor functions with two speeds: powerful and intense, with 5,000 vibrations per minute on low and 6,000 vibrations per minute on high, all controlled by a switch on the handle.  In fact, some women may find this vibrator too intense for a direct clitoral stimulation, and it is recommended for those women to use a wash cloth or another soft barrier to soften the vibrations.  However, for women who have a hard time reaching orgasm, the Magic Wand is sure to get the job done.  Even women who suffer from orgasmic dysfunction often find relief with this amazing “magic” wand.

If you are looking for internal stimulation with the power of the Magic Wand never fear.  The “G-spotter”  and other attachments are available, turning the world’s most powerful clitoral massager into the world’s most powerful G spot vibrator as well. And, while you may want to purchase the Magic Wand for your partner to massage their sore neck and shoulders, we highly recommend it for its remarkable pleasuring properties.  For, unlike many vibrators made these days, the sturdy Magic Wand is built to last for years of enjoyment.  Use it solo or with a partner for greater intimacy.

The Magic Wand should be used with water-based lubrication only.  To clean, the  massage head can been wiped with a cloth and warm soapy water, or sprayed with Antibacterial Cleaner to keep it clean in between uses.  Do not immerse this toy in water as it is an electrical device and not waterproof.


TPE Rubber Head and Plastic Body

1 year warranty with manufacturer
Tends to last 5+ years

Power Cord: 6ft
Length: 12"


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