Mr. S Leather Black Open Paw Puppy Glove


They've been working hard on their new version of puppy mitts and they're proud to introduce the fruits of their labor- the Open Paw Puppy Glove! What makes these gloves great is you still have use of your hands so you can go from pup mode to holding a drink without taking these gloves off. The front of these gloves are crafted from a heavy leather with neoprene padding on the underside. This makes them super comfortable especially when you’re on all fours. 

How to Wear Your Open Paw Puppy Glove:
The left side is marked with an L tag. When putting on these gloves on your index finger should go into the elastic loop of the slightly curved panel on the left. Your pinky then goes into the elastic loop on the right-hand side. Wrap the elastic wrist strap around your wrist twice and secure it to the Velcro loops.

One size fits most.