The Protector Penis Sleeve
The Protector Penis Sleeve
The Protector Penis Sleeve
The Protector Penis Sleeve

The Protector Penis Sleeve

The Protector Penis Sleeve

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A unique and different approach, the Protector has every man and woman in mind. The protector is used as a penis extender for more girth and width. Highly efficient as a stimulator for a stronger erection and to retard the ejaculation, it adds a masculine vigor for penetration out of the ordinary. The Protector has a natural appearance while giving more girth and width. Your partner will receive much more feeling. It definitely retards the ejaculation for a long-lasting penetration. The penis and ball openings will add more pleasure than what you are accustomed. The Protector doesn’t replace the condom, but if you ever get into a sexual intercourse without a condom by forgetfulness or carelessness or simply because you are too excited, wearing the Protector will act as a physical barrier for both men and women protection. The Protector can be slipped on easily whether you have a full erection or not.

• Phthalate, BPA and latex free
• 7” (17.8 cm) long
• 1.75” in diameter (penis opening) but fully extensible
• 1.25” in diameter (scrotum opening) but fully extensible
• Use with water-based or silicone lubricant
• Feel yourself grow inside
• Easy to clean

Directions: Roll up the base of the sleeve and scrotum ring, inside out, approximately halfway. Generously apply water-based or silicone lubricant to the inside of the sleeve and around the scrotum ring. Apply lubricant to the penis as well (to avoid friction) and insert the penis into the Protector sleeve. Before completely rolling up the sleeve, insert the scrotum thru the scrotum ring and continue to roll up the sleeve. The Protector should now be firmly in place, as much on the base of the penis as the scrotum. Complete instructions inside with graphic.

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