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Tenga Spinner Masturbator

Spinner by Tenga - Wicked Wanda's Inc.

This Spinner is a Winner. Perfect for a new feeling, as this product spins around on the penis like a slinky would ! We have heard that this is the best hand held stroker in this price point. Apparently large girthed penis's may find it too tight.

This is for the average Joe or Moe !

How to use the TENGA SPINNER

The SPINNER is very simple and easy to use. Here’s a brief breakdown of how to use your SPINNER sex toy.


  1. Remove outer case by slightly twisting and lifting.
  2. Remove the SPINNER and unwrap from protective plastic
  3. Make sure to lubricate the inside and the insertion point of the SPINNER
  4. Insert and enjoy. Holding near the tip of the SPINNER while stroking maximises the twisting sensation of the product.

Once used, the product can be cleaned and dried using the SPINNER casing.


  1. Carefully pull back the rim of the SPINNER to clean the interior.
  2. Wash under running lukewarm water and mild/neutral soap.
  3. Remove the bottom of the SPINNER case with a slight twist and pull to give access to the clear drying segment of the casing.
  4. Place the SPINNER in the clear drying segment and allow to air dry. It can take up to 24 hours to fully air dry.

Please note, unlike other TENGA products, the SPINNER is not designed to be fully inverted, so please only pull back to clean the interior as much as is necessary.


Spinner by Tenga - Wicked Wanda's Inc.